ATV Man’s Holiday Gift Guide for your ATV Rider-Updated 2020

That season is upon us once again and it is time to get that special person in your life what they want most. These are mostly the best of the best for what we recommend, with some fun gifts sprinkled in for those riders who already seem to have everything. You can find some more options anytime by looking at our Recommended Gear.

Over $100

If you want to splurge on a higher-end gift, there are a lot of great things to choose from that will make almost any rider happy.

Action Camera

Mounting a camera to the front of your ATV/UTV or on your helmet is a great way to capture some great rides. A good quality action camera doesn’t come cheap, but you want to be sure you get one that will get good quality footage during the rough conditions. The best bet for a gift currently is to go the safe route with the well-known GoPro Hero 8, which is what we use. You can really splurge this year with the brand new GoPro Hero 9.


If the rider in your life doesn’t have a winch on his ATV/UTV, this is an awesome gift. Not only is a winch super useful for hauling things, it can be a huge saver if you ever get stuck. We recommend a really great winch from Warn that won’t set you back too much. Check the current price on Amazon.

New Boots

If your loved one is still wearing tennis shoes on the ATV, get them some decent boots. We love the Alpinestars. You can check the current price of the Alpinestars on Amazon, or check out our recommended gear for some more options.

Snow Plow

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow and your are sick of shoveling the driveway, Christmas is the perfect excuse to get a snow plow to make that shoveling a breeze. We just published a whole guide to plowing snow with your ATV, which includes our top three choices.

Whip Lights

Whip lights a fun addition to any ATV or UTV, but it is not something most people splurge on for themselves. That is why they make the perfect gift. We use Gorilla Whips and they are top notch in term of quality. You can see our review of the Gorilla Whips here.

Gun Case

If you are shopping for someone that uses their ATV for hunting, a mounted gun case will definitely be a beloved gift. The Black Boar case is one of the best you can find!

Under $100

Under $100 is a key price point for many couples and there are some great options.

A New Helmet

If your loved one is stilling wearing a helmet from last decade, consider getting them something a little better to protect their brain. Our favorite value helmet comes in just under $100. See the O’Neal Helmet now on Amazon.

If you have a little more to spend, read our helmet guide for some higher end options.


Goggles are a must when riding an ATV or UTV and riders tend to misplace them a bit too often so a new pair is always appreciated. Of all the gear we recommend, these Oakley goggles get sold the most. That is something we are really proud of because we completely stand by these goggles. After our friends’ son was in a nasty wreck during a race, a bolt ended up smashing directly into the goggles. The lens cracked, but the rider was completely safe when subpar goggles likely would have cost him his eye.

Cold-Weather Gloves

Christmas is the perfect time to splurge on an extra pair of gloves for the colder weather. If your rider complains about the cold while out riding, these cold-weather gloves from Fox are sure to be a welcome gift.

If you are really in the mood to spoil someone, and have some extra money to spend, these awesome heated gloves come in around $120, but you can get the exact price for your size with the Amazon link above.

Tire Plug Kit

For the rider that has all the basic gear, this Stop & Go tire plug kit is the perfect accessory to help them out of a jam when they really need it.

Gas Can

A gas can may not seem like a sexy gift, but this specialized gas can from RotopaX is specially designed for ATVs and UTVs and is a life-saver that will be truly appreciated.

Filtration Bottle

I have been using these awesome bottles from Seychelle for 20 years. They are amazing and make a great gift for anyone. If I am riding anywhere near a lake, river or stream, I don’t even bother packing water because I can just fill up the bottle while I am out and enjoy cold, fresh water.

Chemical Guys Washing Kit

Cleaning your ATV or UTV is an important part of maintenance. If you want to get the job done right, there is no better set up than this Foam Cannon and soap from Chemical Guys.

Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves a good stocking stuffer, but it can be tough to find good small items when it comes to offroading. Here are a few of our favorites though.

Low Pressure Tire Gauge

A tire gauge is is very handy to have and honestly, we get tons of people asking for our recommendation on them. The biggest thing is to make sure you get a low pressure tire gauge. This is the low pressure tire gauge we use.

Phone Mount

A phone mount is a great little addition for anyone that has an ATV or UTV. Here is a relatively cheap one that would make a great stocking stuffer.

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