LED Whips and Rock Lights from Gorilla Whips-an Honest Review

Last Fourth of July, I was out riding while waiting for the sun to completely go down before firework time when I saw some awesome side by sides riding with Whips and Rock Lights flashing red,white and blue lights themed to music. I knew right then, I had to get some for my Yamaha YXZ1000R.

I did some research and ended up being able to discuss them with someone from Gorilla Whips. I decided to put the LED Whips and Rock Lights from Gorilla Whips to the test and am happy to be able to fully recommend them to our readers! You can see the finished product on my side by side below.

About Gorilla Whips

Gorilla Whips is a smaller company that focuses on just LED Whips, Rock Lights and Specialty Flags. I love dealing with specialty companies because, in my experience, they put a lot more into their products and they really stand by them.

This is definitely true with Gorilla Whips. Their products come with a full lifetime warranty. Even more than standing behind their products, Gorilla Whips is also loyal to their customers by offering a 50% discount on any product that has to be replaced due to customer-caused breaks.

LED Whip Lights

If you don’t know what LED Whips are, chances are you have seen them before and just didn’t know what they were. The whips refer to long and flexible LED light poles or whips that stand up of your ATV or UTV.

Gorilla Whips has a few different options that adjust how many LEDs you get, some features and compatibility, but they are mostly similar. Gorilla Whips advertises the brightest LEDs available and the Whips come programmed with over 300 different modes so you can have the lights do basically anything you could want done with them.

My favorite thing is to just sync them to music so the lights flash and change colors in beat with your music. It is awesome!

The LED Whips can be controlled via controller or Bluetooth through an app on your phone. They are very durable and waterproof so you have nothing to worry about no matter what conditions you are riding in.

You can see a demonstration of the LED Whips synced to music in the video below from Gorilla Whips.

Rock Lights

Rock lights have become a staple for almost all kinds of off roading in recent years. They are LED lights placed underneath, in front or behind your ATV or UTV.

Rock lights get their name from their originally-designed purpose-to help see rocks and hazards all around your vehicle while you are riding on rough terrain. While that is definitely a useful purpose, most people just use rock lights to look cool.

Gorilla Whips claims their Rock Lights are 4 times brighter than their competitors. The Gorilla Whips Rock Lights come with either 4 or 8 pods, and each pod features 9-18 LEDs. The LEDS are all color changing and can sync with the LED Whips, as long as you get the matching sets. Like the LED Whips, the Rock Lights can be controlled via remote control or Bluetooth.

I liked the lights too much to put them through intense testing beyond just riding on the quality for fear of actually damaging them; however, Gorilla Whips shared the following video with the lights submerged in water and beaten by a hammer and still working fine so you can be confident they will hold up after any kind of rough riding you put them through.

Setting up LED Whips and Rock Lights

The set up was quite easy, but also probably the biggest problem with the whip and rock lights. While the set up was pretty easy, there were no instructions with the sets I got and I couldn’t find any from Gorilla Whips on their site.

I called my brother who is better at this stuff than me. He had no problem wiring the Bluetooth box directly through the battery and we were up and going with the LED Whips and the Rock Lights in thirty minutes. We had a bit of a problem where they cut out on us, but through some troubleshooting, we figured out there was an additional button you had to turn on another button once the Bluetooth connects.

After the fact, I was able to find this old video showing how to install. It should be helpful.


If you are looking to add some fun to your ATV or UTV, or if you ride at night a lot and want some additional light and safety, adding LED Whips and Rock Lights are an awesome addition.

And, if you want top notch quality in LED Whips and Rock Lights, we comfortably recommend Gorilla Whips. They are going to work great, produce bright lights with lots of features and be reliable unlike what I would expect with a lot of the cheap junk you will find on Amazon.

If you want to get your own set of LED Whips, Rock Lights or even a flag for your ATV or UTV, check out the options at Gorilla Whips and you won’t be disappointed!

Finally, here are a couple videos of the LED Whips on my Yamaha SXS. Sorry about the noise.

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