Recommended Ramps

Unless you only ride your ATV on your property or you have a trailer with built in ramps, you will need ramps to load your ATV into a trailer or truck bed.  You may try to skip out on buying decent ramps by using wood planks or something else.  Don’t do it!  It is not worth the risk of damage to your ATV, truck or yourself.  With all the money you have wrapped up in this hobby, it is worth the $100 to buy a decent pair of ramps.

I recommend getting a good pair of lightweight aluminum ramps like this set of ramps from Titan.  I like this set of ramps because they are affordable, lightweight, fold up for easier storage and transportation, have plenty of carrying capacity, and have an arched design for easier loading clearance.

Considerations for Buying ATV Ramps:

  • You need to know what you are loading your ATV in so you know the height requirements.  Even if you have a low sitting trailer that doesn’t require big ramps, I recommend getting ramps that will be sufficient to get the ATV in a truck bed because you never know when you may need to load it that way.
  • You want to get longer ramps to decrease the loading angle of the ATV.  This lowers the risk of potential injury to you and your ATV.  Just look up videos of ATV loading fails and you will see why longer ramps are recommended.
  • Serrated or open rungs are better for loading an ATV in any conditions where added traction will be helpful, such as rain or mud.
  • Make sure you have adequate capacity for your ATV.  Check out our article on ATV weight.
  • While steel ramps work fine, aluminum ramps are lighter, easier to handle and wont rust.
  • Make sure the ramp width is at least a little wider than the width of your ATV tires.