Recommended Tools

Even if you aren’t mechanically inclined, you will want to have a few tools on hand so you can fumble through easy maintenance and care with the help of Youtube. I fall in the mechanically challenged category, but it is worth learning a few things and investing in a few items to do some normal maintenance and to be prepared in case you need something while you are out riding on the trail.

Torque Wrench

I never understood the need for a torque wrench until it came to ATVs.  A torque wrench is a wrench that electronically shuts off when the desired torque is reached.  This helps you tighten bolts and such the perfect amount.  This is important for ATVs because over-tightening can cause expensive damage that requires a mechanic to repair.  A little investment in a good torque wrench can save you a lot of hardship down the road. The torque wrench that I recommend for ATVs is the Bikemaster 1/4″ digital torque wrench.   This wrench reads down to 2.2 ft/lbs, which should cover what you need for an ATV.  The 1/4″ torque wrench will work on most of the bolts you have, but you may encounter some larger bolts that will require a different torque wrench if you want to be perfect.  You may consider buying a 3/4″ drive torque wrench as well at some point down the line, but start with that Bikemaster 1/4″ digital torque wrench as it’ll work for most of the bolts you’ll need to tighten accurately on your ATV.

T-Handle Socket Wrench Set

Want to know the most annoying thing?  Trying to tighten or loosen a bolt when you either can’t reach it with a socket wrench or can only turn it a quarter of an inch at a time.  I have wasted 45 minutes before to tighten one bolt because the angle was so awful I could only turn it one click at a time and kept dropping my socket wrench.  Save yourself the time and frustration and just get a simple, inexpensive T-Handle Socket Wrench Set.  I recommend this set of wrenches from Pit Posse mainly because it is inexpensive, but will get the job done without any worries.

Tire Pump

Any pump will inflate your ATV tire, but I like to have a good electric one that will get the job done quick and easily.  I recommend this pump because it is super convenient and does a great job.  I like how quickly it will inflate your tires and the long length of the hose so you get some extra distance to work with, but my favorite part is the attachment to hook the pump directly to a battery.  This means you you will likely always have a power source to use.  You should also keep a tire pressure gauge with you you to ensure proper inflation.

Tire Plug Kit

This is a tool you want to keep on your ATV when you are out riding on a trail.  The Stop & Go Tire Plugger is going to give you the best bet of fixing your flat tire and getting you back to your truck.  Without it, you are going to face a big battle getting your ATV somewhere that it can be loaded up and taken for repair.  What is really great about this particular kit is that it comes with CO2 and is designed to work where you don’t actually have to remove the tire, which is a gigantic benefit.

ATV Axle Wrench

There is one nut your T-handle and Allen wrench sets can’t tighten, and that is the nut that holds the rear axle in the swinger. This nut can come loose and cause serious damage to the axle carrier bearings. It is important to routinely check this nut and make sure it is tight.  If it is ever loose, you will need a special axle wrench to tighten it.  I recommend the this axle wrench from Pit Posse to get the job done.

Tow Strap

A decent tow strap is something you will want out on the trail.  If something goes wrong with your ATV, you do not want to be stuck pushing it for miles up and down steep terrain.  A small, but sturdy tow strap will allow you to get pulled out by another ATV.

Gas Tanks

You never want to run out of gas out on a trail so it makes a lot of sense to carry an extra tank with you.  You can’t go wrong with Rotopax.  They fit great and are high quality.  I prefer the 3.5 gallon can, but you can get a smaller size too.


Most of the above tools are more specialty items you aren’t likely to have in your normal kit, but plenty of those normal tools will be valuable when working on your ATV so don’t leave them out.  Tools like pliers, vice grips and screwdrivers will be invaluable.