Should You Snorkel Your ATV: Here Are the Pros and Cons

If you want to learn about snorkeling your ATV, then you have come to the right place. There are many pros and cons to snorkeling, and we’ll cover all of them. Although it is always recommended to add a snorkel if you plan on driving through deep waters, you should keep reading to decide if that is the best option for you.

The benefits of snorkeling an ATV include less water damage and better air circulation. Snorkeling and ATV entails installing equipment to prevent water from entering the engine and other sealed compartments. The drawbacks of snorkeling an ATV include warranty issues and a possible increase in injuries.

Snorkeling an ATV is nowhere near as difficult or expensive as you might think, and it is advisable for people who like to drive in rough conditions. By reading below, you will discover what we think you want to know about the benefits and drawbacks of snorkeling your ATV.

What is Snorkeling an ATV

Many people hear that they should snorkel their ATV, yet they do not actually know what that means. Snorkeling an ATV involves installing equipment to prevent the vehicle from getting damaged in water. Without a snorkel, your ATV could stall or get damaged from riding in too deep of water.

Snorkeling will provide the engine of your ATV with fresh air. The sealed compartments are protected by the snorkel as well. You can add more than one snorkel, and adding three is actually quite common. When you drive through deep water without snorkeling your ATV, the engine can drown in the water and cause serious damage and/or leave you stranded.

Simply put, if you do not install a snorkel to your ATV, then you will not be able to drive it through deep waters. An ATV is an immense amount of fun, and driving it through water and mud is a huge part of the thrill for many people. However, to do this, you should install a snorkel. Otherwise, components in your ATV will stall or get permanently damaged. This will likely cost a large amount of money, and in the end, it would have been less expensive to just install a snorkel.

Many choose not to snorkel their ATV because they assume that it would be very expensive. Thankfully, snorkeling an ATV can be fairly cheap. It typically costs less than $300. Even if that seems expensive to you, keep in mind that it is less expensive than paying to replace parts from water damage or a tow bill if you get stranded out in the backcountry.

If you do not trust others to install a snorkel on your ATV, there are ways you can do it yourself. It is not too difficult, and it will be cheaper than hiring someone else to do it. If you have the time to do it yourself, then you may want to give it a try!

Pros of Snorkeling an ATV

Although your ATV may seem indestructible, it is not. There is one thing that can cause harm to it, and that is water. You will want to protect it from deep waters in order to prevent it from receiving irreparable damage. If you ride through water, it is a no-brainer that you should snorkel your ATV, and below you will learn about all of the benefits that come from it.

You will get Less Water Damage if you Snorkel your ATV

The first benefit of snorkeling your ATV is that there will be less water damage. This is the biggest reason individuals decide to snorkel their ATV. Many ignore the warnings of driving through deep waters without a snorkel and do it anyway. This results in the engine and other precious components getting damaged. The owner then has to pay to have these parts replaced, which can be extremely expensive.

Power Increase

The second benefit of snorkeling your ATV is that there may be an increase in power. If protecting your ATV from water damage was not enough motivation for you to get a snorkel, then maybe a smoother ride will be a good incentive! The snorkel usually provides better airflow in your engine which results in a smoother ride. You may notice that your ATV is riding better than ever once you have the snorkel installed.

Discover New Places

The third benefit of snorkeling your ATV is that you will be able to discover new places. If you have been listening to the precautions against riding through deep water, then you have been missing out on half the fun of the new places you could go. By installing a snorkel, there is practically nowhere that’s out of reach. You will be fully equipped for a new adventure, and you will not regret it. Adding a snorkel to your ATV makes it safe to ride through water and mud, which will add a new layer of fun to your rides.

Cons of Snorkeling an ATV

Although there are huge benefits to snorkeling your ATV, there are a few drawbacks as well. If you are trying to decide whether or not you should snorkel your ATV, then you will want to consider all the arguments. By reading below, you will be able to decide if snorkeling your ATV is the right option for you.

Warrany Issues

The first drawback of snorkeling your ATV is that there may be issues involving the warranty. If you damage your ATV and the company realizes that you added a snorkel, then the vehicle may be ineligible for the protection of a warranty. Some companies will not fix your vehicle for the reduced price because you added something that was not offered by their company. It is pretty easy to check out your warranty online so we highly recommend you do so before installing a snorkel.

Additional Injuries

The second drawback of snorkeling your ATV is that there may be additional injuries. Rolling an ATV is not at all uncommon. If you are riding your vehicle to its full potential, then you will probably flip at least once. This is just an inevitable part of ATV riding. However, once a snorkel is installed, it adds a whole new risk of injury for the driver that the ATV was not necessarily designed for. Riding through deep water and mud is a lot different than riding on a dirt path so if you are overly cautious while riding, then snorkels may not be the choice for you.

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