Guide to Picking the Right Storage Box for your ATV or UTV

Picking the right storage box for your ATV or UTV is usually a big decision you need to make right when you purchase a new machine. Knowing it is such a big deal for so many riders, I wanted to get some advice from someone who has tested out and used a ton of storage boxes. Marcus Ford was gracious enough to provide some valuable information from his experience, and the rest of this article comes directly from him. Let us know if you have any favorite boxes!

Marcus Ford’s advice on picking the right ATV storage box

A storage box is a very known item to you if you are an adventurous ATV lover. Whenever you decide to go on a vacation or for camping or for a picnic, you need to carry some belongings with you. These include extra water, food, clothing, camp tent and even some more emergency tools and equipment according to your need.

You also need an extra space for carrying these necessary items safe and sound. In such cases, a storage box comes to your rescue.  Some of the storage boxes even add an extra seat to the back of your ATV. Which allows you to bring someone along for the ride.

My top-two quick recommendations

I have used my experience and research to narrow all the options on the market to my top 2 favorites. My first recommendation is Black Widow ATV Locking Cargo Box. It comes with every upgraded feature you could ever think of. This storage box is a very well-built product. These are water resistant, durable and lock system included. They also have red reflectors on the box for increased safety. Although it is a bit costly, its service and build quality are undoubtedly worth the price. See the current price on Amazon!

The next item I will recommend is the Camco Black Boar ATV Storage Box and Lounger. This storage box not only comes with an extra storage capacity feature but also provides a nice and comfortable extra seat for you. You can always lock the box if you plan on parking it and being away for a while. You can see its current price on Amazon with this link.

Note from ATV Man, check your state laws to make sure an add-on seat is legal.

Recommendations before buying a storage box:

If you are looking for a good kind of storage box, here are the things you have to consider before buying one:

  • Security and Locking: Before leaving your ATV at a parking space, you have to make sure that your belongings kept in the storage box remain safe.  So, you want to buy one that comes with a good security feature and locking system.  Lockable hard cases and trunks will usually have latches. With a latch, a padlock can be placed through to secure it.
  • Waterproof and Water Resistant: ATV’s are built for dealing with extreme terrain and weather conditions. If your storage box fails to comply with such conditions, your belongings will easily get damaged. Your storage box should not only be water resistant but also be water proof. Many boxes and bags come with fitted rain covers which can be placed over their top to protect them from rain. You can also use a foam seal or rubber seal depending on how well sealed you want your storage box.
  • Storage Capacity: One of the most important things to consider about a storage box is its capacity to store belongings. You may find quite a number of beautifully designed products, but wait! Don’t go for the looks only. It’s not wise to waste your money on buying the cool looking storage box only to find out it can’t hold everything you wanted it to. For going to camping or a long distance, you will need more space for extra food, supplies and obviously don’t forget about taking plenty of water. See how much water you need in ATV Man’s guide to riding in the heat.
  • Durability: When you are spending money for buying something, you surely want it to last a long period of time. So, make sure the storage box that you are choosing is made out of a material that is durable enough for your uses. Usually, most of the storage boxes available in the market are made of plastic. It is normally fine for storage facilities.  You just want to make sure it has durable latches like hardened plastic or rubber straps that won’t break easily after using for a couple of times. If you are buying a storage bag, then go for the one that is made out of polyester, strong enough to handle the harshest of weather and heaviest of belongings.
  • Hard or Soft: Before going to the shop for buying a storage box, you have to make the decision whether you want the “hard” plastic luggage or a “soft” textile luggage. A hard luggage is more rugged and impact resistant. On the other hand, a soft luggage is more versatile. With a hard storage box, your gear will remain protected from outside impact. But as it is rigid, it will be difficult to store off of the machine. On the contrary, a soft luggage is very versatile in the way that it can usually be compressed to be smaller. It makes it far easier to store off of the machine.
  • Headlight obstruction: There are a number of models of ATV’s having the headlight on the steering column. This is a determining factor in limiting the height of the luggage that you can place on your front rack. You have to be careful not to go too high with the luggage or your headlight will be obstructed. But if your machine has headlights below the front rack, there will be almost no limitations on the luggage that can be installed in the front so long as it doesn’t block your vision.

Having a lot of options available may make you confused enough while choosing the one perfect for you. But if you are well known about the advantages and disadvantages of most of the products, you are definitely going to find the best storage box for you and your ATV.

This post is written by Marcus Ford, a friendly car enthusiast and blogger. You can also know about what to consider before buying jumper cables from him on his blog

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