My New Favorite Accessory for Winter Riding

Over the past several months, as the weather has gotten cooler, I have been testing out the Venustas Heated Vest for my cold-weather photography. I wrote all about it over at Photography & Travel, but I wanted to talk about it here to because it has been awesome for cold weather riding.

It is a puffy vest with a built in heater that runs off a small battery pack that sits in an interior pocket of the vest. It puts out a good amount of heat without getting too hot. It won’t help with the cold fingers when riding your ATV in the winter, but it does an amazing job at keeping your core warm. I always couple it with a good wind-resistant jacket to keep as much heat as possible on my body.

If you get the vest for riding, you will love it, but you will find yourself using it all the time for any cold-weather activity. Be sure to check out my review over at Photography & Travel for more details.

Brent Huntley

Brent Huntley is the owner of ATV Man and is responsible for almost all the material on the website. He also runs and loves to travel and ride ATVs with his family. When he isn't playing, his day job consists of owning Huntley Law.

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