These are the best Jacks for your ATV

Choosing the right ATV jack is one of the most important parts of owning an ATV. After all, your vehicle is worth a lot to you, and there will be times when it needs maintenance to continue performing well. But there are a number of different jack types available for lifting an ATV and you want to make sure you get one that won’t put your investment at risk.

So what are the best ATV jacks? The best ATV jacks are lift tables. These devices have sturdy metal platforms that lift all four wheels of your vehicle off the ground at once. This wide support base makes it the safest and most effective type of jack.

It’s important to remember, though, that different tools are right for different jobs. Some maintenance jobs may not require you to lift the entire vehicle off the ground. Lift tables are also relatively expensive and may not fit into every rider’s budget. The right ATV jack for you will depend on what kind of maintenance you plan on doing and how much you can afford to spend.

Be Careful Using a Car Jack on an ATV

Anyone who’s changed a flat tire on a car has probably used a car jack. Unless you borrowed one from someone else, you probably have one in your car or sitting around your garage somewhere too. If the jack served you well, you might be tempted to try using it to lift your ATV, but be careful.

While it isn’t impossible to lift an ATV with one of these jacks, it also isn’t ideal. Just like with a car, it will only lift the vehicle on one side, and it will only give you a few extra inches to work with if you need to get under the ATV. 

There’s also safety to think about. When you use a car jack to lift an ATV, the vehicle will only be supported at a single point. Because ATVs are shorter and lighter than cars, the ATV is likely to wobble or slip off the jack while you’re working on it. 

But, if you know how to manage that risk, and you like the idea of having one jack for your car and ATV, this could be an efficient route for you. Don’t have a car jack yet? Consider this quick lift one from Pittsburgh Automotive. It can lift three tons—far more than any ATV weighs—and its size will make it easy to store. If you are still using the jack that comes with your car, getting this jack will be a complete game changer.

Using a Lawn Mower Jack for your ATV

Some maintenance jobs will require a lot more clearance than a simple car jack can provide. In this case, one cost-effective option is to get a lawn mower/ATV jack. Lawn mower jacks are often used to sharpen blades or perform other service work on a riding lawn mower, but since they operate by lifting the wheels of the mower themselves, they also work well for ATVs.

One thing to keep in mind with lawn mower jacks is the size requirements. Because they lift the wheels of a vehicle, you’ll need to make sure your tires are the right width to fit, and that they aren’t too close together or too far apart. 

You’ll also have to consider whether you’ll be able to perform all the service you need with only the front of your ATV off the ground. If you think you’ll need more space than that, you’ll probably want to go with a lift or similar jack.

If a lawn mower/ATV jack is a good fit for you, we have two options we recommend that are good quality at a really good price. The first has a 300-pound capacity, while the second lifts 550 pounds. Depending how big your ATV is (remember you are just lifting the front end), you can determine which one you need.

Click here for the 300 lb. lawn mower jack.

Click here for the 550 lb. lawn mower jack. Note this one has options for lower weight capacity, but we don’t have experience with them at lower weight capacities.  I am sure they work great though and are even a little cheaper than the one above.

Using a Motorcycle Jack with an ATV

For some service jobs, there’s no getting around it: you’ll just have to get all four wheels of your ATV off the ground. This requires a jack that can lift some serious weight, and hold it safely for long periods of time while you work.

Motorcycle/ATV jacks are a great choice for any task that requires you to safely lift your entire ATV. Since motorcycles only have two wheels, lifting the entire bike is really the only option, so these jacks are designed with much higher weight capacity than the lawn mower jacks discussed above. 

We love motorcycle jacks because you get a lot more capability without spending much more than the cost of a lawnmower jack.  That being said, the platform on a motorcycle jack is smaller than ideal so it does come with a bit of added risk. This is because your whole ATV will be balancing on a relatively small platform. That’s quite different from having all four wheels supported, the way a lawn mower jack does.

Once again, managing this risk will be up to you. If you feel you’re up to the task, the two jacks below are excellent choices.

The first one from Goplus comes in at a lower price point and can lift your ATV about 17 inches off the ground.

The second one from Pit Posse (a brand we really like) is just a little bit pricier, but it can lift your ATV all the way up to 36 inches! 

Using a Lift Table to Jack up your ATV

Maybe you need to lift your ATV completely off the ground, but you don’t like the balancing act that comes with using a motorcycle jack. Maybe you’re also interested in reducing the amount of bending and squatting you have to do while servicing your ATV.

If you’re in either of these situations, a lift table is the right fit for you (and hopefully your wallet!). As the name implies, this kind of ATV lift provides a large, stable surface for your vehicle to rest on while it’s in the air. This obviously reduces a lot of the risk that comes with using other jacks.

Lift tables are a good fit for service shops, people with a large budget, or just those who have decided to get serious about servicing ATVs and have the room for this larger jack.

You’re going to have a hard time finding a quality lift table for less than $1,000. That is going to be your entry point and you can still get good quality, but your capacity is going to be lower. At about $1,100, this first option will get you 1,500 lbs. of lifting in a good quality lift.

For an extra $100 or so, you can get basically the same lift with some extras to make it a little nicer.  It is worth checking out to see if it is worth it for you.

The final option, from the same company, is a lift that comes with a 2,200 lb. capacity.  It also has some extra features that are nice if you can afford it.

All three products are high quality; the difference in price comes mainly from weight capacity, the size of the lift, and extra equipment that comes with the purchase. If you have the money, any of these lifts will make ATV maintenance a lot safer and more efficient for you.

Using Vehicle Ramps to Jack up your ATV

The jacks and lifts discussed above are all priced at well over $100. What if you’re still getting your feet wet with ATVs, or all you need is a way to get your vehicle a few inches off the ground for an occasional, small repair?

If this sounds like you, a pair of simple of vehicle ramps like these might be perfect for you. Without any moving parts, the design is sturdy enough to hold 16,000 pounds and tall enough to lift the front of your ATV about six inches off the ground. They even stack snugly together, minimizing the space they’ll take up in your garage.

Just keep in mind that they’re only intended for tires up to 9 inches wide. Plenty of ATV tires are wider than this, so make sure you know your measurements before trying these.

Choosing the Right ATV Jack

There’s nothing quite like being self-sufficient enough to maintain your ATV all by yourself. But not everyone has enough time, interest, or cash for being this involved in their vehicle’s maintenance. When you’re considering ATV jacks, you need to be realistic about what jobs you can perform on your own and what tools will be needed for those jobs. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of products available at a variety of price points, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

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