Recommended Goggles

Goggles are an absolute essential if you plan on riding your ATV over twenty miles per hour.  That is, unless you enjoy squinting through super dry eyes, having foreign objects blind you, suffering the brutal piles of dust and dirt that are stirred up, and eventually crashing into a ditch because you can barely see.  Goggles serve one main purpose.  They protect your eyes from dirt, dust, water and any foreign objects that may impair and harm your vision.

There are many great goggles out there, but also a lot of junk.  If you want to be sure you are getting a great pair of goggles, I HIGHLY recommend the Oakley O-Frame Graphic Frame MX Goggles.  These goggles are surprisingly inexpensive for what you would expect from Oakley.  At $40, they are cheaper than most Oakley sunglasses.  If you wear prescription glasses like me, opt for the Oakley L-Frame Graphic Frame MX goggles, which will easily fit your prescription lenses under the goggles.  I like these goggles because they give you a nice wide angle of view out the goggles, are comfortable, are high quality and look great.  I recommend getting clear lenses so you can see all the divots and bumps in the trail more clearly.  

If you are looking at another pair of goggles, here are the things I think you want to look for:

  • Make sure the goggles seal properly around your face and helmet.
  • Goggles with removable lenses are preferred so you can replace old, scratched lenses for new ones rather than buying the frames again. Having removable lenses also means you can use different shades or tints depending on the weather for that particular day.
  • Make sure to get anti-fogging lenses.  Lens fogging up wile riding is a big issue.  Anti-fog lenses usually have an efficient air flow system that allows the goggles to breathe, preventing any signs of a hazy lens.
  • You want goggles with double density foam for a snug fit and added comfort.
  • If you can find goggles with a silicon beaded strap, those are nice to keep the goggles from slipping off your helmet.
  • I always like mirror lenses so I recommend getting goggles with them.
  • If you’re into ATV racing or planning to ride in a lot of mud, you’ll definitely want to consider having a pair of goggles that are set up with a good roll off / tear off system. This is where a clear film is held firmly across the width of your goggles. When you can hardly see anymore through all the mud that has kicked up on your face, you simply strip off the lens strip, leaving a fresh, clean strip over the lens allowing you to see clearly again.